Where’s Tim Drake?


Not day one…


My name, for internet purposes, is Sevan Grim. Hi there.

Im what you would call a bit of a broken man. But we’ll save that for later. The internet needs to learn patience.

So… how are you?

…ah, the strong silent type? Thats cool, thats cool… Me? Oh im fine. Broken, but fine.

…Really? You just will NOT get off of that, will you? Jeeze! I told you i didnt want to talk about it. But you just KEEP PRESSING….

fine. You wanna know? 7/16/05 happened to me. That day over 6 years ago happened. It happened and the world began its slow doomsay countdown to oblivion. The sun grew brighter as it began its 6 years cycle to engulf the earth. The world began to spin faster and faster…

Yeah. 7/16/05 was the day i started the relationship that ended nearly 3 months ago now.

What? No. 3 months is not a long time. Its a moment. A blink. I feel like if i could have just kept my eyes open, she and i would still be leaning in for the next kiss…

Sorry. No. This is not the reason i made this blog. But i cant seem to start anything now days without explaining why you’ll be getting the most introspective part of me. I used to be (and i guess to some degree i still am) a jovial fella. But now its more of an act. Its like im following the mirror, not the other way around. Im doing what i know i should be doing, and saying what i should be saying… but i would rather be standing outside her house with a boombox.  Yah. its like that.

But i swear, i have other stuff too. For the last 13 years ive been a writer by soul. i have stuff, and i will make more. And i think ill start putting them here.

…thanks for listening. Sevan Up and Out

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